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as breakfast at tiffany's. an event of which even belgian actress audrey hepburn would have been proud. >> precision time pieces. and flawless diamonds can be found at many jewelry stores. but when customers see the iconic tiffany blue box, they can expect two things. a certain level of service and price. >> one of the most luxurious jewelry companies. >> welcome. >> reporter: the famed american jewelry store opened its doors friday. inside towson town center's new luxury wing. it was billed as breakfast at tiffany's, an event where customers ate fresh fruit and sipped mimosas. >> i'd like to go forever everything. -- for everything. that's the problem. but i do see a few things i like. >> everybody knows the beautiful tiffany blue box. we want to be baltimore's local jeweler. >> reporter: a high-end jewelry store seems out of sync with humbling economic times. keep in mind, however, that tiffany and company was founded in 1837, nearly 130 years before the great depression. so whether blue boxes or gems, it would appear tiffany's is here to stay. >> what could be more special than a 12
of goodies. we also have from tiffany's a beautiful crystal apple that is engraved. everybody that came into my office today saw the tip of the bag and instantly knew what it was. the tiffany symbol is a comic. you may not ever get a crystal tiffany anything. we have a beautiful award for you. in addition to that, what we do is the principals will get their awards and we have four extra prizes for each of you. they are all very different. there will either be for clubbable tickets to the giants game, and overnight stay and dinner, an overnight stay and breakfast, or an ipad. when you are called up, you will receive your bag from the mayor and the superintendent. i will have for envelopes. you choose one, ok? the teachers -- we have a variety of other goodies which include a bike rental, muir woods, beach blanket babylon, tickets to the opera -- we had so many gifts. a special thank-you to the world community benefit district and pier 39. they solicited for us and got a lot of wonderful things. without further ado, the awards are named after somebody who has really care about public educ
for tiffany's around the united states, and what we do for them is a piece of leksan in the center, half inch leksan and water white and extra star fire on -- >> what is that water white or star fire do? >> it's extra -- glass has -- so the street layers cep them protected. they -- kept them protected. they haven't had any major burglaries to point. >> somebody is working on it. >> well the product has become expensive because of the three lawyers so they put an additional layer of mylar graffiti film over the outside so in case it's scratched then we pull off that sacrificial layer and put on a new piece of plastic which is cheaper than replacing that whole window. in terms of clarity, the regular glass is fairly green. and the thicker it is, the emreener it gets. this table here is a slumped piece of glass. and it's about two, two and a half inches thick. and that is just the natural color of regular glass. and from different minerals that are in glass, there's -- you know, when it's sand and soda, and whatever minerals are in the sand gives it the color of the glass. so that's copper and i
, down under. one d.c. resident, tiffany, was in the audience. >> they put a box of tissues under your chair. thank you, jesus, because i went through half a box. >> and john travolta was the guest on the show. and there was plenty of tribute to the queen of daytime talk. today's show also paid homage to the very first broadcast 25 years ago. actor don johnson turned down the opportunity to be on the very first oprah winfrey show. but today, he said yes. and it is a sentiment felt by her fans across the nation. >> what an inspiration she has been for me. watching her show has empowered me to be a better woman. >> enjoy your trip, tiffany. do not miss out oprah's final season. and who knew? john travolta is the pilich -- is the pilot. >> he flies, too. >> and it is all business class. >> drink a glass of wine, right? >> we have that beautiful, beautiful evening again. nice outside with some humidity after some rain that did carry into sunday. over half an inch in a lot of spots. 73 degrees is the average high. 83 degrees in two days. as we head into thursday, 79 degrees. 73 in washingto
personal stories. the woman you hear screaming behind me, tiffany williams from d.c., she flew out for the taping last week and watched it from this capitol hill restaurant. >> tiffany still watches an online clip of her favorite talk-show host and act -- in wonder. that is because she was in the audience when oprah kicked off the final season of her talk show. >> she has been an inspiration for me and learning life skills from watching her show has empowered me to be a better woman. >> she spent the first show of her final season surprising that people she calls her ultimate viewers. there were even a few surprises for the host herself. >> in node they didn't. >> but the biggest surprise of all was it saved for last. but this is my last chance to do something really big. >> haut press audience -- oprah's audience was caught by surprise as they found out she was taking them to the outback. eight days and seven nights of sightseeing in australia. >> they put a box of tissues under your chair. i went through a half a box. >> not only an adventure, but a farewell. >♪ >> so emotional
of an iconic jewelry store. it was billed as breakfast at tiffany's. an event that would have made audrey hepburn proud. >> reporter: precision time pieces. and flawless diamonds can be found in many jewelry stores. but when customerless see the iconic blue box, they can expect two things. a certain level of service. and price. >> one of the most luxurious jewelry companies. >> welcome. >> reporter: the famed american jewelry store opened its doors friday. inside towson town center's new luxury wing. it was billed as breakfast at tiffany's, an event where customers ate fresh fruit and sipped mimes onas. >> i'd like to go there for everything. that's the problem. >> we do want to be known for our service. everyone knows the tiffany blue box. but we want to be baltimore's jeweler. >> reporter: a high-end jeweler seems out of sync with the economy. but keep in mind it was founded nearly 130 years before the great depression. stow whether blue boxes or blue gems, it would appear, tiffany's is here to stay. >> if you're looking for something really special, what could be more special than a 12
at tiffanies and audrey hepburn would have been proud. >> when customers see the iconic tiffany blue box in the name outside of the store, they can expect a certain level of surface and price. >> one of the most luxurious jewelry companies. the jewelry store opened its doors friday inside the new luxury wing. it was breakfast at tiffanies and customers sip -- sipped mimosas. >> we want to be known for our service. we want to be baltimore's local jeweler. >> reporter: it seems out of sink with mumbling economic times. keep in mind, tiffany and company was founded in 1837, 100 years before the great depression, whether blue boxes or gems, it would appear tiffany's is here to stay. >> if you're looking at something really special, what can be more special than this broach? >> reporter: kentucky, wjz-13 -- kai jackson, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >>> well, this weather clicker is as big as that. that's about the size of the ring. flash that's what i want. >> unbelievable. >> thank you, kai. >> the aquamarine broach is the most expensive item in the store. >> you'll just need $125,000. you ready
. >>> a sparkling welcome for the arrival of an iconic iconic jewelry store. tiffany jewelry company arrived. the company was founded in 1837. >>> you're going to be doing a lot of shopping at tiffany's? >> i b ob? >> i don't think so, i wish them all the luck in the world. the winds have shifted to the west-northwest. the barometer on the way back up. 73 in cumberland. 75 hagerstown. mostover the rain was offshore, luckily for them. what's left of earl, just a tropical storm. it continues to head to the east northeast up to eastern canada, taking the clouds and rain with it. it's still raining quite heavily as you mentioned in rhode island and portions of maine. by tomorrow it'll be way to our northwest. what we have coming in is drier air with a front off to the west of us. that's going to bring in a beautiful weekend for the entire region. there's the front this afternoon through ohio with some showers but it totally washed out. basically a wind change and air mass change for us. that means very pleasant, low humidity, sunshine. enjoy that as earl goes away, a new air mass comes in to re
: and the winner is... ebay! after a six-year battle, a federal judge threw out tiffany's last remaining claim against ebay. the jeweler accused the online auction house of deceiving customers by allowing sales of fake tiffany jewelry. ebay called today's ruling a validation of its business practices. tiffany has not commented. this case has been closely watched. big web firms have argued they're only hosting services, and not responsible for a user's trademark violations. >> susie: what determines your investment personality? is it being born to the right parents? having a lot of money? or being male or female? research suggests the answer may be "all of the above." in tonight's "your mind and your money" segment, dan grech says while some of our investment traits may be inherited, others may develop over time. >> reporter: when it comes to investing, we've seen how some people claim to be "born gamblers" with no problem taking big risks. and some studies suggest that could be an inherited trait. but, what if risk tolerance is actually something you develop-- say, as a result of your life exp
to a life filled with purpose and meaning. the captain and his wife tiffany join us now from new york with more on his fight to concur the fear and unknown and his message of hope. thank you for being here. great to have you on board. >> let me say we honor you for the courage and sacrifice and want you to know you're amazing people. take us through the moment if you would before the bomb exploded. >> it was an interesting time. in april 6, 2005. i received intelligence of the whereabouts of the bomb. i noticed a vehicle and i cordoned it off and surrounded it. i yelled at him to get out of the vehicle, he went forward. the only real feasible thing i could do is shoot rounds in front of the vehicle to let him know i was talking to him. my world went black. >> uma: your world went black. you nearly died and doctors told you that you would never again see her beautiful wife's face. you write in the book you felt your life was over and you didn't trust god. how did you find your way back to having faith again? >> hard. i hit a low point in my life. i hope my lowest. forgive snesz the fir
say yes. 38 percent say no. tiffany writes on facebook..3 to think there is no intelligent life outside of eartt is ignorant. but john writes. the most important part of a ufo ii the unidentified part. just because they don't know what it is, does not mean t is an intelligent life form. >> arundel county police officer is celebrated tonight for saving the life of a 4-year-old girl..3 the call for elp ent out about 4:00 this morning, frrm this home on vena court in pasadena. police corporal luke wingler close by. he arrived t the home before paramedics. one minute aftee the call for help. and found the girl lying onnthe floor. >> she beggn toogasp several times. throughout the prrcess. as if she was trying to breathe. but it kept failing. and she kept stopping. >> wingler was able to revive the ccill just before paramedics arrived. 4-year-old brook is in stable3 condition tonight at the %-center.y of maryland mediial >> and elementary school student in baltimore claims she was punched in the face by an adult aideeon board of the school bus. it happened this morning near sharp
have tiffany rrmseyy can you et a lance through thattthing? >> yes, you can. this is my lance here. >> reporterr i see it fit, but can you do that while on a3 horse. >> i ddn't think i have gone against something thaa smmll.3 i don't think i have gone againnt a quarter of an inch.ú >> reporter: this is the first time it's back in the fair after long time. >>>reporter: tell us about >> it's at saturday evening at the national anthem andade and introduction of all of our jousterr and we willlssart with the beginner class. theenovice claas rrns a little people beginning startiig out. >> reporter: that s hereú ú%morrow. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you can check itt3 out, look at all of the sizeú rings they can goothrough and that one is really, really small. in is caw want to mee!! case yoe will be here aal throuuh the afternoon. >> let's hope they don't go do the jousting and come poke on us. -ou have to be riiht on get in that smaller one. that is amazing. >> reporterr somebody people eeeing that t might be tough. along and getting it on there. they get bigger as they go
the sector withholdings from tiffany and nordstrom to amazon and netflix. it's very equally weighed. >> the ticker simple is xrt. it has a broad basket of stocks, 65 in all. year to date up just under 1%. when we look at the stocks it holds the biggest weighting is less than 3% of over all. does this make it more aggressive or defensive? >> this a more aggressive etf. it's ac equally weighed. they can have a bigger sway than other etfs. >> the ticker is rth. compared to it's relative it's 18 stocks big. year to date down 7 percent plus. less diversified. 20% is in wal-mart. better than 10% each in home depot and amazon. is this more of a consumer staple retail. >> absolutely. this is for someone who doesn't feel the consumer will rebound. it's someone looking for retail stocks in their portfolio but not as aggressive or looking for a recovery in the near future. >> speaking of the future we're on the cusp, ending the back to school and fourth quarter, how is the out look. >> for me back to school hasn't started yet. we have august same store sales coming out thursday. it doesn't see
tiffany. in 2007 when the applicants came forward to have their vision, the principle and conditional use would be for a retail grocery. there were going to be accessry uses like a wine shop and also a catering business like a self service restaurant they also cater out of. what happened is that they went ahead and put stuff on the shelf and in the freezers that one, people did not buy because they just did not participate or it was stuff on the shelf that people did not want so they did not come in and buy it. ultimately they threw a lot of the stuff away. and they adjusted their business model. their big mistake is that they should have came forward and said this is not practical. it is not pragmatic. they should get a new principle use, self service restaurant and wine shop. and something very unique open space in an enclosed area where people can get together. that, to me, is very practical. we are in the year 2010. they are running out of money. there is no more cushion. they put $2.1 million into a building which i thank you for, prior to that it was a complete eye sore. and it is p
, i represent lost flock, tiffany neighbors and the san jose guerrero coalition to save our streets. many of the families in our coalition live adjacent to the hospital campus and along the proposed truck routes that winds its way through our residential streets. all of our lives will be impacted both during construction and after the building is finished. we stand together before you to make our public comment. we are concerned with the accuracy of the alternatives analysis and several of the impact analyses, including traffic, noise, and air quality. we are particularly concerned, because there are very young, elderly, and infirm residents who live in the buildings bordering the proposed construction sites, truck routes and in the immediate neighborhood surrounding both. as a group, we are actively engaged in a productive dialogue with cpmc to gain clarity and explore agreement, given that the existing site plan places a high intensity commercial building adjacent to small scale residential housing. due to the complexity of the deir, discussions require more time, we request publi
tiffany livingston was flying on a jetblue flight from orlando to newark but apparently had a bad case of high anxiety. she reportedly bolted from her seat and tried to open the door. livingston was detained and charges are pending. >>> tonight the news edge is giving you the first look at what may be the future of flying. shawn yancy has more in your fox 5 top five. >> we know most airlines stripped away the perks. wait till you hear this latest idea. no. 5, you already have to pay for luggage. so even some front row seats. imagine flying standing room only, an italian company that makes airline seats designed this standing room seat and say there's a strong interest from airlines worldwide. the company claims the seats are comfy and would lead to cheaper fares. no. 4, beware of an e-mail offering downloads of free sex movies or documents. cyber security experts say it's a nasty virus that attacks computers running the windows operating system. fox news reports the same virus put down service at nasa and comcast on thursday. no. three, allergy symptoms can be a sure sign of future hea
questions and answers. i think tiffany, maybe next week we need to do a quest
school sweetheart he adored. tiffany elliott. you talk about beauty on the inside but you also describe her as just as pretty as any magazine cover. >> she's hot. >> reporter: scotty smiley graduated in 2003, just after the start of the iraq war. and by december, he and tiffany were married. could you have pictured standing there saying your vows how your life would unfold. >> not at all. i mean, we thought we kind of had it figured out. it was almost like everything was so perfect. >> reporter: by the spring of 2005 scotty smiley was a platoon leader in northern iraq, an area where car bombs were becoming more common and lethal. for smiley, the duty was tough. but the mission in his mind was sound. >> every day that i woke up, despite me not getting any sleep the last 24 or 48 hours meant that i was doing something for the country, meant i was making a positive difference. not only in another country's life but my own country's life. i was protecting my wife back home. my family, my brothers and sisters. that the impact that i was continually making was making a difference. >> reporter
smiley and his wife tiffany. i'm so honored to be sitting across from you. i'm so moved with your story. catherine, it was back in april of 2005. >> april 2005. beautiful day, sunny, hot as always. we were receiving intelligence there were suicide car bombs on the streets and men willing to blow themselves up which is not good intelligence to be receiving. and i had to see something -- a gentleman in a vehicle that looked suspicious. and i tried to cordon him off and asked him to get out of his car, and that was the last thing i saw. megyn: the next thing you know weeks later you wake up in walter reed medical hospital stateside and find out at the time you were told you were partly paralyzed and completely blind. you talk in the book -- you write in the book about the devastation that even with you, west point graduate, army star, military star that you went through at that time, how low you were. take us back there. >> it was devastating it's not a time i like to go back to. but my world was black literally and figuratively. my hopes and dreams were shattered and i had in my mind nowh
our affiliate, is live in melbourne, how are things? good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, bill. well, we are still pretty wet out here this morning. we only have a light drizzle at this point but we are expecting heavy rain. we had a lot of rain yesterday, in fact a lot of flooding. you can see we still have standing water behind me. this is actually the construction site along the i95 corridor back in the back. you can see contractors are trying to pump some of this water out and over to the right you can see traffic is moving smoothly but they are driving on very wet roads. you can see the dark clouds overhead. we are expecting 2-4 inches of rain in davard county, and with rain coming down that quickly we are expecting it to possibly flood once again, so we've been sending out advisories all morning long, in fact florida highway patrol asking people to try to stay off the roads, especially the i95 corridor where it is prone to flooding, but this morning, we're looking good, we had 230 accidents in central florida, fhp respond -- responding to all of those accidents. we'
that just opened a tiffany's. it's a consumer mecca, the commons once was and and what many hope will become again. >>> again, the concrete plans for the commons are still unclear. but the executive director of the chamber of commerce believes the new owners are going to tear part of it down and start anew. we're live in towson, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> the towtionon chamber of commerce says 85% is located in towson city commons. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala. >>> the good news is, we have cleared up all of the minor accidents. bel air white and bel air at mary avenue. and another on quarterfield road, at thelma avenue. watch for a fuel spill in the northbound lanes of 83 between shawon and belfast road. doesn't seem to be causing delays. we have some delays on 95, as well as 295 in the northbound lanes between 198 and route 100, on 95. it's a 10-minute drive, between 198 and 100, with an average speed of 43 miles an hour. there's a look at your average speeds and drive times on the beltway, in the hig
:00. >> everyone in the city of baltimorr was ready for the first game of the nfl season for the ravens. tiffany, sent this in. %-for the first game.mily ready, they are good to go. but melon from mount ernon sent this picture of her dogs bottom and dora, ready to start the party. they are good to go. show us your purple pride. go tt ppide and upload your pictures. >> i was in iraq as annaviation ordinary answer man. >> coming up on foxx45 news aa 10:00. see how some veterans want o cootinue to serve their country. it is our cover story tonight. >> also aheaa. see video taken very, very close to that gas pipe line blast last week. >> surprise endorsement today in the city state's atttrney race, who is breaking tradition, tell you coming up. >> we had a rain delay, with that game up thereein ew y [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! but you wouldn't want an antique computer. o
in indiana when a fire destroyed his neighborhood. >> yesterday, got pride tiffany put on a clinic. they teamed up to work with kids from the local american scores chapter. it's an after school program that use soccer to help kids. as for the title game, mike shumann has a preview. >> and it's in! >> gold pride were regular season champions with a 15-3 record and got a two week bye. >> it's been a great season. we're really excited and get a bye. we'll rest up and get ready for the big game. >> i think it's definitely an advantage that we get good recovery. >> how do you go from worst to first in one year? >> we really have put in the hard work all season long, but it's a combination of different styles of play and different types of personalities. having that variety is a winning combination. >> shy led the league with 19 goals in 24 games and was named mvp for the second year in a row. >> her work ethic and compete and be the best, never came across a player like that in the men's or women's. >> he knows what is going to happen on sunday. >> i'm very excited for the championship
, sabrina! hi, tiffany. margaux. here are those books, you know, from the time i borrowed your library card? uhh! they are so overdue. you really should have reminded me! your late fees are going to be epic! uhh! by the way, i like your hair. really? sure. with your face that puffy, you really can't tell how bad your hair usually looks. [giggles] [groans] start of another day--aah! [crash] [students talking] mr. snipe's chemistry test. i can't look! ohh! hey, i got an "a"-minus! you did? maybe i did ok for once. oh, no! so, uh... you didn't get an "a"? whoa. yup, an "f" is definitely not an "a." hey, look! oh, no! i skipped one! i filled in all the wrong blanks! if you go talk to him, i'll bet mr. snipe would understand. you think so? i mean, it really wasn't my fault... much. can't hurt asking. see ya in the library. right! the science project! you sure you still want me for your partner? of course! it's not like you mess up all the time. oh, my gosh! i just messed up again. what do you mean? i was supposed to help ms. magrooney with some, uh, off-campus stuff this lunch period! uhh! she's
on our facebook page. we're also on twitter. i do have to say every time breakfast at tiffany's comes on, i have to watch it. >> i wasn't around then. >> and my husband cannot tear his away from the die-hard movies. >> i don't have a guy at home. just chick flicks at my house. >> you see a good movie and watch it over and over again. >> my favorite, "dirty dancing." >>> the time now is 5:15. the cost of your coffee habit is going up. >> i don't want to hear about this. we need our coffee. we'll tell you though why starbucks says it has to raise prices. >>> temperatures going to be rising over the course of the next couple of days. today we are warming up and by the weekend, hot temperatures in the 90s. here's a look outside toward the bay bridge this morning. a few clouds out there but not a whole lot of fog the first day of fall. we'll take a look at your forecast coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, rea
in hayward fry takes on philadelphia for the women professional soccer league championship. today if tiffany put on a clinic at redding elementary school in san francisco. natalee teamed one to work with kids and american scores is after school program that uses soccer to empower students in your ban community. title game, mick has the preview. >> then players forward. sent in. lacking for 2. left side. and it is in. christine. gold pride. >>reporter: they were regular season champion with a record and as a result got a two week by before hosting the championship game. >> it has been a great season. we are just really excited we get to host a by to rest up a little bit and just get ready for the big game. >> i think it is good. definitely an advantage for us and the fact we get good recovery that is good because people have injuries to heal up. >>reporter: from worse to first in one year? >> i think that we really have put in the hard work all season long but combination of different stills of play and we have a lot of different personality that make it happen. having that variety
entire neighborhood. taking on philadelphia for the professional soccer league championship. tiffany millbrent put on a clinic at reading elementary in san francisco. chicago defender natalie spillgear teamed up to work with kids from the local american scores chapter. american scores is an afterschool program that uses soccer to help students in urban communities. mike shumann has this preview. >> players four, sent in! left side! and it's in! >> the f. c. gold pride were regular season champions with a 16-3-5 record and got it before hosting the championship game. >> it's been a great season. we're glad we can host. can rest up and get ready for the big game. >> i think it's definitely an advantage for us and the fact we get some good recovery which is good because people have some injuries that you want to heal up. >> how do you go from worst to first in one year? >> i that i we really have put in the hard work all season long. but it's the combination of different plays and different types of personality that is make it happen. having that variety i think is a winning combination
. gregg: well, that was tiffany ruiz with our miami affiliate, wfbn. a gibben also escaping from its cage in jungle island last weekend, that's an ape. investigators say a tiger likely jumped over the fence to chase an ape. a lesser ape. jamie: what a caper! >>> there are dire predictions about the h1n1 flu. remember last year, a lot of hype, not a lot of deaths. there were some, though, and the flu is still dangerous. there's a worry now among health officials about complacency for the fall flu season. why the cdc is urging almost everyone to get vaccinated this year. dr. manny joins us. and the practice of keeping a college athlete on the bench for the first year, let them continue training and mature. red shirting for kindergartners? oh yeah, it's for real. some parents are delaying sending their kids to school. whether that's a good idea. dr. keith ablow, next. gregg: the h1n1 flu outbreak was not as deadly as many people had feared, but health experts are warning against complacency this flu season and the center phos disease control wants nearly everybody to get vaccinated, not just
on philadelphia for the women's professional soccer league championship. yesterday tiffany millbrandt put on a clinic at an elementary school in san francisco. natalie teamed up to work with kids from the local american scores chapter. it's an afterschool program that uses soccer to help students in urban communities. mike shumann has this preview. >> and players forward. in! looking for two! left side and it's in! >> the f. c. gold pride were regular season champions with a 16-3-5 record and as a result got a two-week vibe before hosting the championship game. >> it's been a great season and we're really excited we get to host the vibes. can rest up a little and get ready for the big game. >> i think it's definitely an advantage for us and the fact that we get some good recovery which is good because people have injuries that you wanna heal up. >> how do you go from worst to first in one year? >> you know, i think that we really have put in the hard work all season long. but it's the culmination of different styles of play. then we have a lot of d
. tomorrow is the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attack. a silver spring, maryland. tiffany, you get to be the last worker caller: first of all, i just started college. my views on this is that, is an overrated? no. but it is definitely overpriced. i have done a lot of shopping for college. eventually i settled on a community college. so far, it has been worth it. i think it also depends on what kind of field you are trying to get into. if you are trying to get into psychology or stunt like that, you are not going to automatically get a job. but if you get into something like graphic design ordinary arts, he just might be able to get a profit. the lady before me is absolutely right. you don't necessarily need to go through four years. two years would probably be better because people would be more able to afford it. host: a regular from our twitter community has this tweet. it is not working for me. there we go. so, the question, it is college overrated. lots of opinions. thank you for sharing. in just a few minutes, siobhan hughes, from dow jones will look at the gulf oil spill and
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